Hello! My name is Mirjam Admiraal, and I come from Zwolle, Netherlands. I have completed a double master's degree in Dutch Private Law and European Law School at the University of Groningen.

Over the past decade, I have worked as a lawyer and as a corporate legal counsel for several major companies in the EU. I have gained extensive experience in providing legal advice and representing clients in various court proceedings.

Before starting my own practice, I personally encountered the gender pay gap at my last employer. 

Over mij

Van loonkloof naar missie

My former employer, Wehkamp, paid my male colleague €1,000 more each month for the exact same work, even though I had more experience.

As soon as I began questioning this discrepancy, I was treated as if I were being difficult and causing a problem that didn't exist. When I persisted, it escalated into a conflict that eventually led to a burnout. The company then chose not to renew my contract.

I initiated a legal procedure, and eventually, The Dutch Human Rights Institute ruled in my favour.Shortly after, my employer paid me the rightful salary, along with a fair (dismissal) compensation and all the legal expenses I had incurred.

If there's one thing everyone agrees on: it is that it would be better if it didn't have to come to this.

Thankfully, it can be different! With my help and legal assistance, I strive to prevent escalation for both employers and employees. In addition to addressing the gender pay gap, I also provide advice on other forms of discrimination and workplace misconduct.

Mirjam Admiraal in three characterics



 I write and speak in plain language as much as possible. I like to keep it short and simple (KISS), so everyone can understand.



 Through my up to date knowledge of the latest developsments in case law and regulations a conflict can often be prevented



Because of my personal experience, I understand the importance of transparent communication and can relate to both parties' emotions

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