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Expert on equal pay, discrimination and workplace misconduct

Juridisch advies, spreker en docent

Expert loonkloof, discriminatie en grensoverschrijdend gedrag

A quick hello

My name is Mirjam Admiraal. I was born and raised in Zwolle. Ever since my early childhood, I have had a very strong sense of justice – which is why choosing to study law was a wise decision

As The Portable Lawyer I work as a legal expert in equal treatment. I specialize in issues such as the gender pay gap, discrimination, and workplace misconduct.

In addition, I empower (female) entrepeneurs by providing affordable legal advice and documents for their colourful businesses

Legal expert on equal treatment

Als jurist gelijke behandeling geef ik juridisch advies over o.a. de loonkloof, discriminatie en grensoverschrijdend gedrag. Ook sta ik werkgevers en werknemers bij in procedures bij het College voor de Rechten van de Mens (CRM) of bij de the District Court

Met een dubbele masteropleiding van de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, actuele kennis en uitgebreide proceservaring kunnen mijn cliënten rekenen op gedegen en deskundig juridisch advies. Over de onderwerpen die ik veel behandel, schrijf ik daarom regelmatig artikelen die gratis te raadplegen zijn.

Through my personal experience, I bring a deep understanding of the emotions involved in such situations.

These are my specialties

Equal pay and glass ceiling

Equal pay for Equal work
how to get there?


Support in filing or handling complaints

Workplace misconduct

Help and advice for those affected, those accused and their employer

in the media


Uitzending over toegenomen loonkloof

On October 2nd 2023 I was on Humbert Tan's live talkshow to speak about the increased gender pay gap

For Entrepeneurs

For many business owners, legal matters are not the easiest and most interesting thing to tackle. A golden rule applies: prevention is better than cure.

Do you want to appear reliable as an entrepeneur and protect yourself against:

  • Liability
  • Bankruptcy
  • Last-minute cancellations by customers
  • Government fines
  • Negative publicity
  • And much more?
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